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How to Ensure Your Subscribers See Images in Emails

We live in such a visual world where images and videos are seemingly everywhere. And consumers expect to see images in your email creative. Moreover, with the popularity of reading email on mobile devices that are fully equipped to render HYML, the audience who requires text-only emails is shrinking.

It’s important to have a properly formatted email creative with a compelling template, as this will assist in driving audience engagement and potentially advocacy. But many users turn off images in email.

3 Must-Have Marketing Investments

Summer signals the beginning of budget season. Before making marketing investment decisions, analyze this year’s three marketing must-haves: social media, content marketing and mobile. While aspects of these marketing formats may not have direct costs, they all require budget and resources.

1. Social Media

How to Search: Google Offers Free Online Classes

Everyone knows how to do a simple Google search, but do you know how to read pages in languages you’ve never studied or track down the location of a friend’s picture they took on vacation ages ago?

Google wants to show you more tips on how to get the most out of its search results.

The search engine giant will be offering a free online, community-based course starting on Tuesday that teaches people different search strategies to find what they need faster and more efficiently.

4 Web Design Tips for Startups

1. Consider Responsive Web Design

More people are getting away from their desk computers and going outside with their mobile phones. Responsive web design is the effort of making a website display properly on any device. The beauty of this is that responsive design does not need to be code-specific to every device out there. It intelligently changes the content based on browser width. If it’s designed correctly, your user will no longer need to zoom in to find content.

How to Approach International Online Search Marketing

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Online marketers might think they have mastered the art and science of reaching out to their home audience, but many still struggle with connecting to those on an international level. Complications with search engine marketing on this scale can hinder companies from reaching their maximum brand and revenue potential due to language barriers and simply not giving global search marketing the care it needs.