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Social Media Marketing

K&Co Media's integrated social media solutions will improve your company's reputation online, enable you to create spikes of visibility and build up brand equity.

Being at the forefront of the social media revolution will allow your brand to build its presence before your competitors. The creativity in campaigns is the key to success for standing out amongst your competitors. K&Co Media can develop a strategy that is unique to you; engaging with your customers in the places they spend time online, sharing content they value and using social media metrics and analytics to track success.

Fully Integrated Social Media Campaigns by K&Co Media

Facebook, The Social Media Giant
Facebook's popularity is always increasing amongst all age groups as a way of communicating and networking with their friends. Since social plug-ins launched in April 2010, an average of 10,000 new websites integrate with Facebook every day. With the growing use of Facebook by brands, users are increasingly using the platform to gather information about products they wish to purchase.

Increasing Popularity of Video and YouTube
YouTube adds another dimension to social media marketing, video sharing. These are not only online versions of their television adverts but also video made especially to communicate the brand over the internet. YouTube is the second largest search engine, with 2 billion views a day, it has 50% more searches than Yahoo and 180% more than Bing.

Importance of Twitter and Real-time Feeds
There are 175 million users on Twitter tweeting 95 million times a day. Brands use Twitter to keep their followers up to date with the latest information through both Tweets and other media content which are connected to Tweets. It allows a further level of engagement with users actually receiving the latest updates in real time.

Professional Networking Via LinkedIn
Linked in is the largest network of professionals, consisting of over 90million people with a new member joining every second of every day making 1 million new members every 12 days. It is most useful for advertising your services and products to other businesses and recruitment, as the majority of users are professionals.

Key Benefits of K&Co Media's Social Media Service:

- Devising your long or short term social media strategy
- Building your social media accounts from scratch
- Creating branded profiles across the social media platform
- Takeover the management of your social media accounts
- Daily management of your Social Media accounts through daily posts
- Run competitions for your brand to increase your brand’s awareness on your Social Media Accounts