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Mobile Development

Google recently estimated that 1 in 7 queries come from mobile devices, especially when someone is searching for local industries like restaurants and shops. K&Co Media creates and delivers a uniquely-tailored mobile strategy to our clients to keep you one step ahead of the rest.

With the incredible growth in mobile browsing and increasing demand for mobile content, it is imperative that our customers are able to navigate to their desired site quickly and retrieve content easily. We at K&Co Media believe that every website should be mobile friendly, whilst avoiding information overload on users and providing a quicker conversion route. Let us design your mobile website today!

Mobile Marketing Campaigns by K&Co Media

Mobile-Friendly Site
As mobile technology progresses at an exponential rate with internet enabled smartphones, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to develop a mobile-friendly version of their website. Our web developers will design a mobile platform for client websites that will help them target a new range of audience for the duration of their marketing campaigns.

Mobile SEM
Mobile SEM, like desktop SEM, is the management of sponsored results or adverts, within mobile search results pages, such as Google.

Mobile advertising is a must for any and every business, to ensure that your whole intended audience is reached. Mobile ad formats, coupled with the limited space on mobile devices for results to be displayed, demands skilled copywriting, optimization, and proper keywording to ensure you receive maximum coverage. With our expertise and knowledge, your potential clients and customers will know who you are and what you do!

Mobile SEO
K&Co Media has taken mobile SEO to a new level by developing a range of mobile services that can be used to boost brand visibility online and increase overall SEO performance. Mobile SEO, and the corresponding mobile services involve identifying the device a user is using when visiting your site, then redirecting them to the mobile version of the website if that is correct for their device.

Mobile Apps Development
Whilst many phones allow users to view a webpage directly as it would appear on their computer, viewing a standard webpage on a smartphone can cause loading and resolution issues, which can be frustrating enough to turn potential customers away. At K&Co Media, we can build mobile applications for your business which make it easier for visitors to view content and navigate from one page to another. When we undertake mobile application development, we focus on the most visited and most important pages on your existing website to ensure maximum impact.